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It’s at the heart of everything that we do.

We craft bread that represents the best of artisan baking traditions, while pushing the boundaries with unique ideas and innovative techniques. That means sourcing the best possible ingredients, learning and mastering the traditional methods while continually seeking newer and better ones, and putting in the time and effort required to make the best bread that we can.

Of course we’re about more than just bread. We make unique pastries, crafted by hand every single day, with a rotating selection using seasonal ingredients. And there’s cookies, Scandinavian specialties, holiday pies and specialty breads and much more. Not to mention our award-winning breakfast and lunch.

The thing we try to focus on, is keep it simple and make it awesome. It takes a lot of work, but that’s okay by us because it’s what we truly love to do.

Solveig Tofte

Founder and head baker

For over 16 years, Solveig has dedicated herself to the craft of artisan baking. As head baker at Turtle Bread Company in Minneapolis, she spent a decade spreading the appreciation of artisan baking throughout the Twin Cities.

In 2008, Solveig represented the United States at the Coupe Du Monde de la Boulangerie in France. Team USA is sponsored by the Bread Bakers Guild of America, and after competing at the international level, she has embraced the mission of the BBGA to advance the profession in the US. Solveig spent 6 years on the guild Board of Directors, and currently serves on the certification committee, as well as instructing at guild events like Wheatstalk and Camp Bread.

In 2011, Solveig was picked as one of the Star Tribune’s Taste 50, and a 2011 Tastemaker by the Mpls St. Paul magazine. In 2016, Solveig was inducted into the Club Elite de la Boulangerie Internationale. She has also been honored to be a judge at several international baking competitions.

Opening Sun Street in 2011 with husband and co-founder Martin Ouimet has given Solveig an opportunity to create foods that explore the amazing history and creativity of traditional American baking.

What’s a Downtowner?

We get that question a lot. In fact, we get that question about lots of stuff.

We love those kinds of questions! After all, chances are you’ve never heard of a downtowner before. Or Red River Valley potato flax bread. Not to mention porketta or potato gordas. That’s because we spend lots of time digging into the history of regional cooking here in America, trying to find forgotten gems. Dust ’em off, apply a bit of technique and a lot of craft, and voila, downtowners!

Which in case you’re wondering is a cinnamon roll made from croissant dough, with cardamom and cloves, rolled in fine sugar. It’s from the Downtown Creamery in Healdsburg CA, and is a much beloved treat throughout northern California.

You could call it traditional American with a modern twist. A lot of the times, the twist comes from using contemporary ingredients and modern techniques. We’re very choosy when it comes to our ingredients, and are really fortunate to have access to really great stuff produced locally and abroad. And when it comes to technique, we strive to be the best in the business, and work to improve every single day.

One Cannot Live

On bread alone. If you’re hungry for a hot breakfast or lunch, we’ve got you covered.

We serve up breakfast (6:30-2pm) and lunch (11-2pm) seven days a week. We roast turkeys, grind beef, cut potatoes for fries, make sauces and jams and just about everything else right here in our shop. You can enjoy your food here, or take it to go. If you’re really in a hurry, you can also call in your order.

If you’re thirsty, we have you covered with a wide selection of cold and hot beverages, including amazing Dogwood coffee, espresso and lattes. We also have a selection of craft beers on tap and a few nice wines.

Every Thursday night, we fire up the oven and make awesome pizza using hand-tossed dough. Every once in a while, we’ll even have live music and the occasional visiting brewer. Check the Thursday Night Pizza Night page for more information.


The Intergalactic Bakers Federation (IBF) is an organization founded by Sun Street Breads owner Solveig Tofte and La Fournette owner Pierre Zimmerman to celebrate the joy and generosity of artisan bakers everywhere. The IBF held its inaugural event in spring 2017 at Kendall School in Chicago, which included 2 days of workshops with top bakers from around the world.

The IBF is a benevolent organization seeking to bring bakers together to do good work, share knowledge, and have a little fun along the way. LEARN MORE





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