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Everybody loves freshly baked bread, especially hot out of the oven. But we especially love bread that still tastes great long after it’s cooled. Bread that has great texture and crunch, that wears a strong crust on the outside while being soft and fragrant inside. That is filled with wholesome and tasty ingredients that complement it’s overall flavor.

This kind of bread isn’t easy to make, but it’s what do every single day. It takes time to give dough a natural and deep flavor, and a lot of craft and expertise to shape that dough to highlight it’s intrinsic textures and bake it into a delicious loaf of bread. That’s why it takes us 6 hours to make a baguette. But when it only takes 60 seconds for you to eat one, you’ll understand why.


Because of the time it takes to craft each of our breads, we concentrate on making only a few different types each day.

We have Baguettes and Kingfield Sourdough every day








Happy Trails Granola Wheat

Lunchbox Oatmeal

Red River Valley Potato Flax

Bergen Bread

Great Northern

Lunchbox Oatmeal

Lyndale Farmstead Rye

Bergen Bread

Wright’s Walnut Buckwheat


Lunchbox Oatmeal

Figgy Rye

Lunchbox Oatmeal


Riverbend Rustic

Buttermilk White

Apple Rye


flour, water, salt, yeast

Ours is the classic Parisian baguette. When  done right, it’s incomparable and sublime. And the Parisians invented how to do it right. The result is a crisp crackly crust, with a soft but still chewy interior that is shot through with air pockets. It the most versatile bread possible because it goes great with everything, but you have to eat it quick because it’s not made to last.


flour, water, whole wheat flour, rye flour, salt, cracked wheat

This is our daily bread, the workhorse if you will. Named for our neighborhood because this is where our sourdough starter began and where it thrives, this hearty sourdough incorporates whole wheat flour for an extra layer of flavor. We feed our sourdough to favor the production of lactic acid (which is more buttery) rather than acetic acid (more vinegary), so it isn’t an outrageously sour bread.

bread_figrye2FIGGY RYE

flour, water, rye flour, dried figs, rye flakes, apple cider, salt, yeast

You know we’re gettin’ figgy with it. The diced dried figs permeating the bread add a lovely touch of sweetness to this medium-bodied rye. The rye flakes add additional rye flavor, and helps to keep the texture from becoming too heavy or dense. A splash of apple cider helps round out the flavors. The overall effect is similar to a raisin bread, which makes it fantastic for your morning toast!

bread_wrightswalnutWright’s Walnut

flour, water, walnuts, buckwheat flour, whole wheat flour, salt, yeast

We found a postcard in the Minnesota Historical Society from Wright’s Pure Old Fashioned Buckwheat Flour in Berlin, WI from sometime in the early 1900s, which inspired this bread’s alliterative name. The buckwheat is from local heroes Swany Milling in Freeport, MN. This is a hearty, nutty loaf with a unique purplish color that comes from the buckwheat. Definitely one of our customer favorites.

bread_bergenBERGEN BREAD

flour, water, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax meal, cracked wheat, rolled oats, rolled rye, salt, rye malt extract

Once upon a time, head baker Solveig wanted to be a weaver, and spent 6 months in Bergen Norway learning the craft. While there, she discovered the rustic hearty breads of the region and fell in love. Our Bergen bread is an homage to the traditional country loaves in Norway, and is filled with wholesome whole wheat and pumpkin seeds, and topped with steel cut oats and sunflower seeds.

Buttermilk White

flour, water, buttermilk, sugar, salt, yeast

This is one of those breads that is about as straightforward as you can get when it comes to ingredients. Our goal was to create a simple white bread that is pillowy soft, but still has a reasonably sturdy character and nuanced flavor, the kind of bread that really does go perfect with just about everything, and is especially good for stuffing, which is why we make it just about every day before Thanksgiving.


flour, water, eggs, sugar, canola oil, salt, yeast

Challah is one of those breads that calls for a very traditional recipe and technique. The origin of challah comes from Jewish tradition, but that certainly doesn’t stop the rest of the world from enjoying this beautiful style of soft, egg-enriched bread. Our challah is a 4-braid loaf, and is available on Fridays. Turbans (with or without raisins) can be ordered for Rosh Hashanah.

bread_greatnorthernGREAT NORTHERN

flour, water, pumpernickel meal, rolled oats, levain, salt, yeast

Oats and rye are crops that grow fantastic in northern climes, and our pumpernickel meal comes from Whole Grain Milling in Welcome MN, so this is a bread that celebrates the Great White North. It is a tender medium-bodied loaf with a relatively light crust. We also refer to this as our “ancient grains” loaf, since rye and oats are some of the oldest grains man has farmed. Sorry, no Quinoa here.

bread_lunchbox4LUNCHBOX BREAD

flour, water, steel-cut oatmeal, whole wheat flour, brown sugar, butter, salt, yeast

This is as close as we come to white sandwich bread. Only ours is chock full of steel-cut oat and whole wheat goodness, making it tasty and wholesome but still soft and perfectly sliceable. Solveig invented Lunchbox bread when her daughter started kindergarten, because she grew up eating her mom’s homemade oatmeal bread, which was her favorite—and the closest thing she ever got to white bread!


flour, whole wheat flour, River Bend cornmeal, rye flakes, salt, yeast

This country style loaf is made from cornmeal we get from locally famous Riverbend farms in Delano, MN. The center of this loaf is oh-so-soft, with a hint of sweetness from the cornmeal, and we give the crust a great crunch by rolling the bread in cornmeal before baking.


flour, water, semolina, roasted potatoes, flax meal, butter, salt, yeast

The Red River Valley is a breadbasket-like farming region in northwest Minnesota, and this bread is an homage to three prominent crops grown there: flax, durum, and potatoes. Since it bakes so evenly, it makes for a perfect sliceable pan loaf, and is the bread that we use for our famous meat loaf sandwich in the cafe.


flour, water, rye flour, rye flakes, salt, yeast

The Lyndale Farmstead is a small local park, which was once the home of the famous local park superintendent Theodore Wirth. We like to think this simple country-style loaf would be just the sort of thing that he might have served at his dinner table. It’s a supremely straightforward bread with a strong crust, and a soft interior with deep but not overwhelming rye flavor.


flour, water, whole wheat flour, granola, olive oil, salt, yeast

Granola: rye flakes, rolled oats, sunflower seeds,  almonds, brown sugar, maple syrup, canola oil

Talk about chock full of goodness. But don’t worry, you won’t be using it as a doorstop. This loaf is still nice and soft, and slices perfectly for sandwiches and toast. It’s the bread that wants to go with you everywhere you go, so pack a lunch and hit the trail!


Viennoiserie has a tradition every bit as rich as that of artisan bread, if not quite as long. Humans have made bread since pretty much forever, but yeast-leavened pastry and laminated dough wasn’t discovered until the 1800s in, you guessed it, Vienna. And ever since, they’ve kind of become a thing.

At Sun Street, our pastries are crafted by hand using time-honored viennoiserie techniques, but we take things a step further—for example, our laminated dough is made with a sour cream pie dough that is first mixed rough, then rolled and turned with ultra high quality butter to create the layers. It’s definitely not the fastest or easiest method, its simply the best possible way we know how to do it.

We’re proud to offer a lineup of pastries that you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t do it just to be different—our goal is to push the envelope of American viennoiserie, creating and re-inventing pastries that embrace our history and traditions, while at the time moving things forward with new ingredients, techniques and ideas. Most importantly though, we just want to create stuff that tastes awesome.


flour, water, milk, sugar, butter, yeast, salt; with cinnamon, cardamom & cloves

This heavenly concoction is inspired by the downtowner at the historic Downtown Creamery in Healdsburg, Ca., which is a local favorite in the bay area. Ours is made from laminated croissant dough, giving it an outrageous extra dimension of lightness and flakiness.


flour, cream, butter, eggs, sugar, baking powder, salt; filled with pastry cream (milk, egg yolks, sugar, cornstarch, salt, vanilla bean) and raspberries

These are scones that have gone seriously West End. Between two layers of buttery scone are whole raspberries nestled in a layer of pastry cream, with a light coating of sugar over the top.


pastry flour, sour cream, butter, sugar, salt, egg; fruit filling

Ah the classic turnover, or chausson as the French like to call it. Made from our one-of-a-kind sour cream laminated dough, and filled with a delicious seasonal fruit. Our favorite is when rhubarb season rolls around, though fresh blueberries are awfully good. Not to mention the Haralson apples that we get from Sweetland Orchards every fall…


flour, milk, butter, sugar, egg yolks, salt, vanilla, yeast; seasonal filling

The kolacky is hard to pin down. There’s countless variations hailing mostly from central European countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. It’s a soft round filled pastry—we rotate our filling, using traditional ingredients like poppy-seed, vanilla, nuts and chocolates, as well as seasonally available fruits.


bread flour, pastry flour, sugar, salt, yeast, butter, milk, water, poolish, fruit filling

We produce our Danishes in variety of shapes and with a multitude fillings, depending on the season and our whims. We make versions with various creams, glazes, streusels, custards and fruit fillings. Why this particular example of classic viennoiserie is called a Danish is completely beyond us. Especially considering the Danes call them viennerbrod, or “Vienna bread“.

Crusher Croissant

croissant dough (flour, milk, water, butter sugar, salt, yeast); filling: almond butter, pastry cream (milk, sugar, eggs, cornstarch, salt, vanilla); chocolate batons

We don’t make a classic chocolate croissant, but we think this is worlds better! The Crusher has Belgian chocolate batons, and then kicks things up a couple thousand notches with the addition of almond filling and pastry cream.


Flour, water, milk, sugar, salt, butter, yeast; Carrot cake: cream cheese vanilla, egg yolks.

This is a pastry that defies classification. What you have is layers of croissant dough rolled with thinly sliced carrot cake and cream cheese filling, and topped with sweet crunchy pecans. It’s hard to describe how chock full of awesomeness this pastry is, you just need to try one.

pastries_cakesterALMOND CAKESTER

Flour, water, milk, sugar, salt, butter, yeast, toasted & ground almonds, egg whites

This is a pastry that defies classification. What you have is layers of croissant dough rolled with thinly sliced sponge cake and almond cream, and topped with sweet crunchy sliced almonds. There’s the intense flavor of almonds throughout, but overall the texture is surprisingly airy and light.

pastries_laugen2LAUGEN CROISSANT

croissant dough (flour, milk, water, butter sugar, salt, yeast)

A classic croissant, finished like a soft pretzel which gives it a rich nutty taste on top of the layers and layers of buttery soft croissant goodness,



butter, sugar, salt, eggs, cream, vanilla extract, flour, baking powder, sliced almonds, salt, rum

Don’t worry, you don’t have to know how to pronounce it to enjoy this delicious Scandinavian pastry. Known as Royal or Prince’s Cake in Norway, it’s made from a shortbread-like crust with latticed top, with a chopped almond-cardamom filling.


bread flour, pastry flour, sugar, salt, yeast, butter, milk, water, poolish, cheddar; filling – sweet potato fries, chevre cheese, green onions

This savory pastry is basically a fancy stuffed croissant. The chèvre (goat) cheese nicely balances the sweet potato, and together with the cheesy pastry, provides some serious flavor packed into every bite!

pastries_biscuitsSPECIALTY BISCUITS

flour, buttermilk, baking powder, butter, salt, baking powder, baking soda; additional ingredients depending on the biscuit

Our savory biscuits take things to the next level. We start with our classic buttermilk biscuits and add things like bacon, green onions, currants and whatever else we might fancy. These are the first things to sell out every time we bring them to a Farmer’s Market. They’re also a great way to upgrade your biscuit sandwich or biscuits & gravy in our cafe.


Crust: flour, butter, salt. Filling: steak, potatoes, rutabaga, onion, butter, salt, pepper

This is would you would find in the lunchbox of a miner on the Iron Range back in the day—a tasty and filling one-handed meal. The ingredients can vary depending on whether the maker was of Cornish or Finnish descent. We proudly stand on the side of rutabagas because, well, we think they taste better.


Domino Cookie

white chocolate chips, butter, flour, brown sugar, sugar, eggs, cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, vanilla, baking soda, salt

Ginger Jumbles

flour, sugar, butter, crystallized ginger, molasses, eggs, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, cloves

Sun Butter Cookies

sunflower seeds, toasted pepitas, sugar, brown sugar, bread flour, egg, molasses, butter, baking soda, salt, vanilla

Crusher Cookies

flour, butter, sugar, sugar cones, brown sugar, eggs, chocolate chips, pretzels, honey, vanilla, salt, baking soda, baking powder

Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbread

flour, butter, pecan, brown sugar, vanilla extract, salt

Coconut Almond Macaroons

coconut, almond flour, almond paste, sugar, salt, egg white, chocolate chips

Animal Crackers

flour, sugar, butter, eggs, rice flour, baking powder, salt, nutmeg


oats, sunflower seeds, rye flakes, sliced almonds, brown sugar, honey, canola il, maple syrup, whole wheat flour, milk powder, salt. Available in one-pound bags.

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Christmas: Julekake, Fruit Cake, Christmas Cookies, Gingerbread

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Thanksgiving: Parker House Rolls, Pumpkin, Pecan & Apple Pie, Pfeffernusse

St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Soda Bread

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